Sunday, July 3, 2011


Date: July 2011
Location: 4848 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

C.C. and I check out daily deal all the time to look for good restaurant deal. Not only that it is a good way to try out different restaurants but also a great way to save money. I have heard of RAA advertising on 680 News when it first open. I always want to try it out. (That's the power of advertisement!). One day, I spotted a deal from RAA $20 for $40 of food on the internet. This is a perfect excuse to try out new food.

There is no free parking on site, however there is a green P at the back of this restaurant. This restaurant is heavily decorated with wood. My first impression is "wow it is very dark but warm and cozy". C.C. and I were greeted by the owner right away and a table for 2 was waiting for us. Next, the waitress gave us 3 different menus (1) Regular Menu (2) Drink Menu (3) Food not available Menu ^o^. At first I was surprise to see the "Food not available menu". Later on I was a bit disappointed because I found out the food which I wanted to order were on the not available menu. Finally, C.C. and I ordered some fried tapas and sashimi to try out.

7 Samurai and Tequi - RAA  sake cocktail
7 samurai is way too sour to drink on its own. It is not my taste.
Tequi - RAA is much better because it is an orange juice based drink.

Spicy Ika Yaki
Spicy grilled squid. C.C. said it is very spicy but I found it average.
It has a strong taste so not good with sashimi together.

Crispy Calamari
Deep fried squid, ginger mayo. I couldn't taste the ginger in the mayo at all.
Overall, this is a very delicious dish. The calamari was still crispy even when it is cold.

Sashimi Plate Medium
Regular Fishy not a big surprise.

House Chicken Rings
Crispy rings with soy ginger flavor. Excellent crispy rings and very juicy.


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